Over the Rainbow

Judy Garland

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Original G# dur - G dur + Kapo 1;
Jana F dur - C dur + kapo 5, nebo E dur + kapo 1
JS C dur

CSomeAmiwhere Emiover the rainbow FWay Dmi7up ChighC2
FThere'sFmi a Cland that I Ami7heard of DmiOnce in a G7lullCaby

CSomeAmwhere Emover the rainbow FSkies Dm7are CblueC2
FAnd Fmthe Cdreams that you Am7dare to Dm7dream really G7do come Ctrue

Some Cday I'll wish upon a star
And Dmiwake up where the clouds are far AmibehindDmi meG
Where Ctroubles melt like lemon drops HmiAway above the chimney tops
That's Emiwhere Dmiyou'll Gfind me

Somewhere over the rainbow Bluebirds fly
Birds fly over the rainbow Why then, oh why can't I?

If Chappy little Bluebirds fly beDmiyond the rainbow Why oh Fwhy Gcan't CI?